Wednesday, 4 July 2012

C25K - Week 2 Day 2

To take the place of the 10 week Fresh Start fitness/health programme, I have started the 9 week (estimated) NHS Choices Couch to 5K running programme. The C25K programme is a downloadable podcast that encourages you to build up to running a full 5 kilometres.

Week 2 consists of 1 podcast in which you alternately run for 90 seconds and walk for 2 minutes. You do this for a total of 20 minutes, with 5 minutes before and after to warm up and cool down.

Today's run went rather well, even taking into consideration that I deviated from my normal route. Instead of running around the perimeter of my housing estate, I instead ran through a neighbouring estate, past Hough Green railway station, and along Liverpool Road. I was very aware that Liverpool Road is quite a bit busier than the road around my housing estate - both in pedestrians and vehicular traffic. But no one stared, pointed, or laughed at me - not that I would have noticed with my headphones on and me having "zoned out" (i.e. totally immersed in the act of running).

The final run of week 2 is on Friday. I'll probably go back to my "usual" route as I'll be able to calculate the distance ran easier. One day I'll get a GPS/MP3 player and will thus be able to vary my route more often.  

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