Sunday, 9 June 2013

Response to an Article #3

Watch this video. Seriously. It's one of the most touching videos on diversity and love that I've ever seen. And it's cute.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Suddenly, A Wild Bigot Appears!

Earlier today, while I was plinking away at the Curiosity cube on my iPod, I noticed that I had a friend request on Facebook from someone whom I didn't know. Usually when this happens it's from someone who follows me on Twitter or someone with whom I have interacted with on another website and they usually send me a private message saying who they are and where they know me from.

With this in mind, I checked my "other" message box on Facebook to see if this stranger had done so. He hadn't, but surprisingly there was another message in my "other" inbox from yet another person whom I don't know. This extremely lovely individual (please read that with sarcasm thick enough to use as a winter coat) somehow thought that she couldn't rest until she called me an "ABOMINATION to God", insulted my reading skills and questioned my gender identity. How loving of her, right?

Normally, I would just roll my eyes at the poor holier than thou moron and delete the message. This time however, since she went to the trouble of sending me a private message, I decided to respond. She then responded back, quoting two of the infamous "clobber" passages (Leviticus 20:13 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11) both of which Xtians love to quote out of context for some reason. My original response to her must have really hit a nerve though, because she blocked me. Not surprising really; Xtians love to call out other people for their "sins", but when someone else rationally points out to them that they are, in fact sinning by calling people "abominations", they don't seem to like it much. Pot, kettle; can't stand the heat and all that.

Anyway, here is a screen of her original message and my slightly trolling response. I didn't include her response to me as it was just her saying "I'm not judging, these are God's words" and a copy/paste of the two aforementioned, out of context verses. If there are any reading this who find offence with my slightly trolling and/or snarky response, I do apologise for you being offended. Saying that however, there really isn't any other way of responding to people like this woman. They say these things to LGBT people day in and day out, yet refuse to even think that what they're saying is hurtful and harmful.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Response to an Article #2

Gay Marriage: Civil Partnership 'Review' Could Expand Unions To Include Heterosexual Couples

I definitely agree with this. In order for true marriage equality to exist, one of two things needs to happen. Either get rid of civil partnerships entirely while opening civil marriages up to couples of the same sex OR open civil partnerships up to include heterosexual people at the same time as allowing two homosexual people to get married.

The second way is inherently better as it allows the most flexibility and is more fair to those who already have civil partnerships.

Response To An Article #1

Article: Supermarkets cash in on unfounded fears about food and health

Comment by another reader:

I would like to know if my food has GM or MSG in it and it should be standard practice for his info to be on labels so that people can make informed choices about what they eat. There are genuine concerns about eating some of these things - but no, I don't have the scientific evidence link that 'proves' this so I expext it will be dismissed out of hand.

My response:

You do know that GM isn't an ingredient, right? Food does not contain GM. GM stands for "genetically modified". Any plant which has been changed from its original (wild) state can be considered to be genetically modified. 

Some examples would be carrots (which were originally small and white), bananas (which were originally so full of seeds they were nearly inedible raw), and roses (which in their wild state are small and only have about 5 petals).

The only problem that I have with some GM foods isn't the food itself, but the huge companies, such as Monsanto, who want to make it illegal to save seeds from the plants you grow.