Saturday, 25 June 2011

Go New York!

Photo of Empire State Building lit up in rainbow colors tonight on Twitpic

New York has become the 6th state in the U.S.A. to pass legislation legalising same sex marriage. Currently same sex marriage is legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and also the District of Columbia. California is still debating whether Prop. 8 is unconstitutional. 

This is a fantastic advancement in LGBT rights and an important step towards true equality for all people.

However, not everyone is very happy about this. NOM (National Organization for Marriage) and it's followers has likened it to the betrayal of Jesus, disrespecting children, and a "counterfeit relationship". What these people refuse to understand is that equality doesn't exist unless everyone has the same rights. Equality isn't "allow group A to do this, but withhold it from group B". If something is considered a right for one group of people (in this instance, marriage), then it should be a right for all.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Weekly Update

Hello everyone!

Not much to report on this week. Although it's been a busy week, it's been mostly "typical" stuff, nothing overly exciting.

I'm still working on my Sonic Character Tournament art project. The first stage is nearly complete. Sorry about not uploading the pictures to here, but if you want to take a look at them, they can be viewed on all of the art sites that I'm on (FA, DA, IB, AS). Once I'm finished with the entire project, I'll be selling a downloadable high resolution "book" for like, $3. Anything I make will help me to get a new graphics tablet.

Sunday the 21st was Father's Day (or Fathers' Day for families that have two or more dads). I hope everyone had a great day! Paul made a cute card for me at his school. It has a rocket on the front with a photo of his face looking out of a "window" in the side of the rocket, several star stickers and lots of glitter! (Paul loves glitter)

 Monday I attended my Numeracy course at Paul's school and learned how to add and subtract using number lines, which is something that wasn't really taught when I was in school. It makes sense though, and seems to work for the vast majority of kids here. Monday was also my usual weekly shopping trip.

Tuesday I went to see my new GP (doctor) who turns out is very good. He actually listened to me, which is a huge difference from my previous GP. In any event, I have another appointment with him on the 12th of July.

Yesterday I met up with my boyfriend for lunch. We met at Huddersfield, which is about a ninety minute train journey for me, ate lunch at KFC, then walked to McDonald's for dessert! It was a really nice visit, and I can't wait until the 4th of July when I get to go see both of them again (two day visit this time) <3.

Today I had a parent's "coffee" morning thing at Paul's school which lasted about two hours. Afterwards I had lunch at a local pub and came home.

Tomorrow will hopefully be slower and I'll be able to get some drawing time in.

Until next time!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

This Should Not Be Happening

Sadly, it is.

Where do people get the idea that it's ok to verbally bash others? Why do people think it's their "god-given right" to make people feel terrible about themselves and guilty because of who they happen to be attracted to and love?

No one has that right. Your right to speak out about your beliefs ends at my right to live a happy life. If something that you say takes away my right to live safely, happily, and equally to everyone else, then you don't have the right to say it.

Think before you speak. Because if you say something like the guy in this video and it causes someone to hate themselves, causes them to hide who they really are, then you're hurting them and their misplaced guilt is on your hands.

Humans are humans. And all humans have the right to live their lives with the same freedoms and the same rights. It's called equality. If a woman loves another woman and they want to get married, then let them. If two men and a woman love each other and all three of them want to get married, then let them. If a woman feels like she should be able to pass as both a male and a female in public, then more power to her!

It's called EQUALITY, and equality can not be given to just a few. It's all or nothing.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weekly(ish) Update

Not much to talk about this week.

I've started on a new drawing project. It will comprise 16 different pictures of different Sonic characters done in my personal anthro style. I've finished five and uploaded three so far. My goal is to get one picture uploaded every weekday, not including days in which I have appointments or classes.

The weather here is pretty nice. Mid 60s for the most part. Humid, but at least there's a bit of a breeze to keep things feeling cool. 

Paul's school will be breaking up for the summer around the 22nd of July. They get about 6 weeks of summer holidays and then it's back to school. :)

So I don't bore you completely, have a kitten playing in a hamster ball.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Two Days In Leeds

Paul is on his monthly respite care until tomorrow, so as is my normal habit, I travelled to Leeds to stay with my boyfriends.

Today, we went into Leeds city centre. I had some Wii, PC, DS and Xbox 360 games that I no longer have use for and wanted to sell, so we went to Cex where I became £74 richer. Afterwards, we stopped off at a nice cafe for chocolate muffins and tea. While we were in town, we walked through some very nice shopping arcades. According to Tigz, these arcades used to be actual streets, but were turned into pedestrian areas and ceilinged in, thereby turning the entire area into an indoor shopping district. If it hadn't been pointed out to me, I wouldn't have been able to tell. The architecture is so well done that I couldn't resist taking several photos. I will probably use them to make some paintings in the future.