Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Birth Control and the End of the World

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer-turned-politician, has stated that he is against all forms of birth control and sex education in Filipino schools. His reasoning for this? “God said go forth and multiply, He did not say go and have just one or two children.” 

So it's much better to keep women as baby factories, constantly churning out child after child, without caring about how these children are going to be housed, fed, and clothed? *Sighs* When will conservative religious people realise that over population is a huge problem, not just in under-developed countries, but in first-world countries as well? When will it sink in that the majority of the world's problem with STDs and STIs running wild is because of lack of safe sex (i.e. using condoms) and that safe sex education will help to eradicate the problem?

However, all is not lost! There is a silver lining to this dark cloud of fundamentalist conservatism. According to Harold Camping, a minister and the president of US conservative group Family Radio, all Xtians will be caught up in the Rapture this Saturday (the 21st). At the stroke of 6pm, across all time zones, a world-wide earthquake will happen and all of the fundamentalists will be ripped from the Earth and taken to Heaven to be with God and Jesus! Hallelujah! That takes care of most of this world's problems right there and then! Maybe once they're gone, the rest of us can make this world a truly wonderful place to live.


  1. the LORD is coming for you, HE will judge you not in the future some time but this very day that you so casually dismiss!!!!!

    howard camping knows the LORD and what his plans are he is praying for you right now, so am i, its not to late to repent to the LORD and accept HIM as your savior!!!!!!

    humbly in HIS name
    rich d.

  2. Posted by Muir Dragonne at 15:51
    Anonymous said... at 15:57

    Do you morons patrol the internet or something? o.o

  3. we r christians.... not xtians.....

  4. First of all, Rich D., I would like to thank you for commenting on my blog. Everyone who reads my blog is welcome to comment on it as long as they are polite, courteous, and non-judgemental.

    Upon reading your comment, taking note of the extreme lack of correct capitalization, an abysmal grasp of proper punctuation, and the misappropriation of "humble", I can only surmise that you are what is called a "standard fundamentalist".

    Now, while I uphold your right to believe in whatever religion you wish, you need to know that not everyone believes in your "LORD" and that their lack of belief does not make them a "spawn of Satan". (Personally, I believe in Lord Calalaera and his consort Mistress Legna, but that is neither here nor there.)

    I am afraid, my dear Rich D., that you do not read your Bible. Is this correct? Because if you did, you would know how to tell a false prophet from a true one. Allow me to run you through Prophecy 101: If a prophet says that something will happen on a given date and it doesn't come to pass, then they are a false prophet. Your Mr. Camping has already given a false prophecy when he said that the Xtian rapture would occur back in 1994. ( So by the rules in your own (non-read) bible, he should not be listened to.

    You however, seem to think that his word as is unerring as the bible itself though, so I will not press the issue. A well-educated man such as yourself obviously knows more than I do. In fact, you probably think that it is wrong for me, a biological female, to wear a prosthetic penis ( as well. ;)

  5. i am not judjmental muir, if that is even your name, it is not i who will judge you and who you will answer to but the LORD. not your false gods but **THE** LORD.

    howard camping is a man not the LORD and like all men can make mistakes, he has admited his mistake and he has corrected it for people like you to listen and learn from even you know that all men make mistakes.

    i have read all the important parts of the bible in two versions kjv and niv i know what im talking about and your petty slurs directed at me are what i've come to expect from heretics. you dont like me, that's fine, i can live with that. but i will still pray for you because you cannot deny the message. wood so many people believe in the message if it were false? GOD has touched my life in so many ways and i have devoted my free time to reaching out to people like you. the least you could do is listen to the words not pick on the obvious difficultys i have.

    humbly in HIS name
    rich d.

  6. Judgemental: adj. "Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones" and "of or denoting an attitude in which judgments about other people's conduct are made". (

    Your insistence that I will "answer to **THE** LORD" is, in fact, very judgemental. I do not believe in your lord and do not appreciate being judged based on "the important parts" of a collection of books written by several dozen people over the period of several hundreds of years.

    To answer your thinly veiled question, Rich D., yes my name is Muir. Or at least it is as far as the internet is concerned. A name is simply a title or group of words that a person wishes to be known as. Here, my name is Muir. Or Mistress Muir, if you want to be polite.

    Harold Camping is a false prophet, by your Bible's own rules. Not my rules, but your holy book.

    Personally, I find all this to be a wonderful and very entertaining way to pass a few hours. And on Saturday, at 6:05pm (I'm giving your "LORD" an extra five minutes to put on his show, just in case his watch is running slow. Isn't that nice of me?), I shall be happily typing away on this blog with a really nice mug of Betty's Tea ( Well, maybe not happily. After all, I'm rather looking forward to all the fundies being gone and if that doesn't come to be, I shall be rather put out.

    Where, dear Rich D., did I say that I don't like you? I do not make such rash judgements. My personal like or dislike of a person is only decided on when that person says or does something that I consider to be a faux pax. Normally, this would consist of a sexist, homophobic, or truly asinine statement on their part and a blocking on mine.

    See? Again you have judged me, Rich, by assuming that I have never read the Xtian Bible, when in fact, I have read it from cover to cover not once, but three times over the course of 4 years. It was actually reading it that caused me to see it for what it actually is - just a book.

  7. it is not my judjment you should fear but that of the LORD i feel like i am wasting my time here know that you'r in my prayers

    i know you wont believe me but i am not sexist i believe that men and females have their place in society the LORD wills it so and who would i be to judge the LORD's word? you say you have read the bible but you cant understand it just by reading and if you call it just a book you have not understood the WORD of the LORD

    i pray the LORD in his mercy will judge you leaniantly when HE decides the suffering of all heretics.

    humbly in HIS name
    rich d

  8. Time is only wasted when you don't learn from it.

    Good bye, Rich. I invite you to stop by here any time you wish. Like Saturday. Oh wait! You won't be able to, unless they have internet in heaven, of course. ;)