Friday, 17 May 2013

Response To An Article #1

Article: Supermarkets cash in on unfounded fears about food and health

Comment by another reader:

I would like to know if my food has GM or MSG in it and it should be standard practice for his info to be on labels so that people can make informed choices about what they eat. There are genuine concerns about eating some of these things - but no, I don't have the scientific evidence link that 'proves' this so I expext it will be dismissed out of hand.

My response:

You do know that GM isn't an ingredient, right? Food does not contain GM. GM stands for "genetically modified". Any plant which has been changed from its original (wild) state can be considered to be genetically modified. 

Some examples would be carrots (which were originally small and white), bananas (which were originally so full of seeds they were nearly inedible raw), and roses (which in their wild state are small and only have about 5 petals).

The only problem that I have with some GM foods isn't the food itself, but the huge companies, such as Monsanto, who want to make it illegal to save seeds from the plants you grow.

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