Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fundraising for Top Surgery

The next step in my transition plans is a mastectomy, more commonly known as "top surgery". The end result will give my chest a more masculine appearance and will hopefully get rid of the largest part of my physical dysphoria.

It is my hope that my hormone levels are sufficiently high enough this coming up July to enable me to get this surgery and that I will be able to get it done by the end of 2012.

Normally, the NHS would fund my surgery, however my local PCT has been known to reject funding for transgender top surgeries. As I do not wish to undergo a long and stressful battle to fight this, I must raise the money for the surgery myself.

At the time of writing this blog entry, I have saved £2410.  According to several FTMs (female to male trans people) who have recently undergone top surgery, the current cost is around £6000. As you can tell, I have a long way to go to reach this amount.

In order to raise funds for this operation, I am offering incentives to people who would like to donate.

Everyone who donates £5 or more will receive a print of one of the artworks below (done by me) of their choice. The prints will be on 4x6 inch glossy photo paper and will be signed on the back by me.

Donations of £10 or more will receive a print on 8x11 inch glossy photo paper and a 4x6 inch print, again of their choice and both signed by me on the back.

Those who donate £25 or more will receive a print of all five paintings on 4x6 inch glossy photo paper and a 8x11 inch print of their choice.

For those who are generous enough to donate £50 or more, they will receive all 5 paintings printed on 4x6 inch paper, two 8x11 inch prints, and a poster of the artwork of their choice on 20x16 glossy paper.

Donations can be made directly to my transition fund here:

My Heart Shines For You
Winter Dolly

Chirpy Cheeps
Abstract in Green
Forget Me Not, Lady

My deepest thanks to everyone who helps me to reach my goal!


Note 1: Once I have reached my goal then all incentive rewards will be sent out. Don't forget to put your mailing address in a note with the donation!

Current Amount Raised as of 05-07-2012:
£2800 out of £6000

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