Thursday, 16 June 2011

This Should Not Be Happening

Sadly, it is.

Where do people get the idea that it's ok to verbally bash others? Why do people think it's their "god-given right" to make people feel terrible about themselves and guilty because of who they happen to be attracted to and love?

No one has that right. Your right to speak out about your beliefs ends at my right to live a happy life. If something that you say takes away my right to live safely, happily, and equally to everyone else, then you don't have the right to say it.

Think before you speak. Because if you say something like the guy in this video and it causes someone to hate themselves, causes them to hide who they really are, then you're hurting them and their misplaced guilt is on your hands.

Humans are humans. And all humans have the right to live their lives with the same freedoms and the same rights. It's called equality. If a woman loves another woman and they want to get married, then let them. If two men and a woman love each other and all three of them want to get married, then let them. If a woman feels like she should be able to pass as both a male and a female in public, then more power to her!

It's called EQUALITY, and equality can not be given to just a few. It's all or nothing.

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