Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Funding Setbacks

First, let me update you so you won't be completely lost. Two months ago my GP put in a funding request to my Primary Care Trust for my testosterone prescription. They denied the funding on the grounds that because I had gone to a private gender specialist, I had gone off their "approved transgender care pathway".

After getting some advice from a transgender consultant, I asked my GP to put in a funding request so that I could see my gender specialist on the NHS. If the PCT approved the request, I would then be able to get my testosterone on the NHS. Not surprisingly, although disappointingly, the PCT denied this request as well. This time though their reason is that there isn't a transgender care pathway in place and thus there is no funding available on the NHS for any transgender treatments.

Those of you who can connect the dots will realise that this means I have to pay for every single trans-related treatment completely out of pocket. This includes blood tests, hormones, and top and bottom surgery.

 I am a single parent on benefits. At the moment, I am unable to work because my son is disabled and requires 24 hour supervision to keep him safe. The total benefits that I receive (not including my son's benefits i.e. child benefit and Disability Living Allowance) amounts to about £100 a week. My hormones are £75 a month, blood tests (I need to have at least 2 a year) are £100 each, top surgery is going to cost me about £6000 and that doesn't include any revisions and bottom surgery is between £15-£25k depending on the procedure.

Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed.

Also, the PCT doing this is illegal and breaches the NHS Constitution.

Yes, I'm fighting against their decision.

My GP has filled out a "special circumstances" funding request form and sent it to the PCT. Hopefully they will change their mind, though I'm not holding my breath. If they deny this request, then I'll be seeking legal help/advice. Actually, I'm already doing so.

I had expected them to deny funding for my top surgery, which is why I am raising money to get it done privately. In the meantime, it looks like I might have to use part of what I've managed to save up to keep me in hormones.

Now comes the part where I ask all of you to please help me out as much as you can. I am offering art print incentives to help raise money. You can find the details here: click  All money raised will go towards some part of my transition, be it hormones or surgery. I wish I didn't have to ask people to donate, but until I either win the lottery, find a job that will allow me to work from home, or find someone really nice person who will pay for it all, it's what I must do. :3

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