Monday, 2 April 2012

3 Days on Testosterone

The trip to London went really well. I had reserved window seats in the Quiet coaches both ways with the added extra of being in 1st class on the way back.

Dr. Curtis was again very nice and supportive during my appointment and he answered all the questions that I had. We talked about getting a hysterectomy on the NHS sometime in future and getting top surgery privately. Both things were just mentioned a little as "next steps"; we'll go over my options in more detail the next time I go visit him. We also talked about different methods of taking T (sustanon, nebido, gel) and I stuck with my earlier decision to use the gel. Dr. Curtis went over how to use it and got three months supply out of his store.

That's right! Dr. Curtis prescribed testosterone on Friday, the 30th of March 2012. I started taking it on Saturday, the 31st of March. The first three months have been paid for privately. That is, I paid for them out of pocket instead of them being NHS funded. Hopefully we'll be able to transfer the prescription over to my GP (and thus the NHS) before I run out of my current supply.

I am on Testogel which is an alcohol-based gel containing 50mg of testosterone per 5g sachet. To administer it I spread it over an area of clean bare skin and let dry for about 15-20 minutes. After it's dry I can put clothing on over it.

There are three areas which I put the gel on: Shoulders and arms, belly and thighs, or lower legs. Which area I use depends on what type of clothing I'm going to wear for the day. It's important to keep the area covered so that the hormones don't rub off before they're able to soak into my skin.

For those who may be curious, a one month supply of testogel costs £75. If you want to get hormones online instead of going through a gender clinic and don't want to get an injectable form of testosterone, you're looking at about that price per week for the patches.  (I haven't been able to find the gel online)

As far as plans go to document changes, I was thinking of posting a shoulder and head shot photo about twice a month as well as continuing to do weekly videos on Youtube. If you have any other ideas, please let me know as I hesitate to do the stereotypical "This is my voice X months on T" thing. Also, if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover, again let me know!

To close this post, here is a photo of me taken with my webcam about two weeks ago (mid March 2012):

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