Sunday, 25 December 2011

Four Simple Questions Part 2

Trans Media Action is having a "Trans Camp" at Channel Four on the 13th January 2012 and they are asking Transgender people to make short videos answering four questions. These videos will be played during the Trans Camp.

I've decided that doing this is a very good idea and am answering these questions. However, the videos must be no more than one minute in length, and those of you who know me know that I tend to waffle on in my videos! Thus, I am going to answer these questions here first to enable me to make my videos as short as possible.

The second question is: "MEDIA: How does media coverage of trans people affect you?"

As a transguy, I've found that the media barely mentions FTMs, or when they do, it's very fleeting or very stereotypical.

FTMs are often portrayed as straight (attracted to females only) bodybuilders who are into sports and drinking beers with the guys. We're not all like that though. For example, I'm not into sports at all and am attracted more towards masculine people - regardless of their actual gender or sexual characteristics.

It is my opinion that the media's representation of FTMs as beer-swilling, sports-involved, ladies-men feeds into the public mind that we're nothing but butch lesbians with penis envy and makes it difficult for people to take us seriously as transguys. I know I said this in my previous video, but the stereotyping needs to stop and there needs to be a wider portrayal of transpeople.  

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