Sunday, 18 May 2014

YouTube Walk 1

Sometimes - usually on Sundays, but not always - I find an interesting video and before I know it, I've watched several. I call these "YouTube walks". 

YouTube walks are similar to Wiki walks. I watch a video and count down the suggested video list (the list on the right side of the screen) until I reach the day of the month. So if it's the 18th day of the month, I choose the 18th video link. I continue until either I run out of links or get bored.

Since I've been neglecting my blogs recently, I figured I'd start documenting these walks so as to share them with everyone who may be interested. 

This was the start of today's YouTube walk. It's an optical illusion video linked by I Fucking Love Science on Facebook.

This was followed by a video of practical jokes. (Don't worry, I won't be playing any of these pranks on my friends and loved ones)

The third video is by the same guy who made the pranks video. This one is more of a neat "how'd they do that" trick.

Yet another one by Quirkology (YouTube tends to do this a lot). This video is different to the last trick because they show you how the trick is done. 

Finally got away from Quirkology and moved onto TEDx Talks in this next video which asks "Why do we ask questions?".

 And finally, the last video (another TEDx Talk) is on sustainable fashion. 

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